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Meet Languages, Cultures and Literacies Students:


  • Willow Allen Her research investigates how discourses of race and difference are negotiated and resisted within...

  • Koichi Haseyama Director of international school in Tokyo

  • Omar Nunez Mendez Founder of Ollin Tlahtoalli Center, interested in issues around identity and migration

  • Angelpreet Singh Investigator of Punjabi-speaking family literacy

  • Natacha Roudeix Teacher at the Conseil Scolaire Francophone in British-Columbia.

  • Livia Poljak She would like to work with French immersion students.

  • Liang Cao His research interest centers on language and queer identities.

  • Matthias Sturm Worked for an adult literacy support organization.

  • Fatima Jalali-Tehrani Bilingual language instructor and curriculum developer, coming from a multicultural background.

  • Magali Forte Languages, Cultures and Literacies PhD student and busy mom

  • Brent Amburgey Worked in higher education in Tokyo, Japan; taught in Hungary and moved to Vancouver.

  • Shaila Shams Worked in Bangladesh as a lecturer in higher education sector for more than six years.

Teaching English as an Additional Language - Fieldwork Stream


Teaching English as an Additional Language


Languages and Societies Faculty

Academic Coordinators: Languages, Cultures & Literacies PhD

Ms. Hélène Lalancette

Limited Term Lecturer

Phone: 778-782-6866

Renseignements Académiques: Maîtrise en Éducation en Français

Research Projects

Legal Literacy for Youth: An Integrated, Holistic Project for BC Schools (Cassidy)

Éveil aux langues et à la diversité linguistique chez des élèves du primaire dans deux métropoles canadiennes (Dagenais)

Becoming an Evangelical Worker in English: Contextualizing Institutional and Interpersonal Practices (Han)

Language, Religion and Immigrant Settlement: An Ethnography (Han)

Sociocultural Investigation of Literacy Instruction and Children’s Learning of ESL (Toohey)

Grassroots Multilingualism in Africa Town in Guangzhou: A Critical Sociolinguistic Study of Low-End Globalization (Han)

Executive Functions in Multilingual Children (Hoskyn, Moore)

Mapping and Assessing African Students’ Educational Needs and Expectations in the Francophone school system in B.C. (Jacquet, Moore & Sabatier)

Teaching Conditions in Canadian Schools (Jacquet)

A qualitative study of academic literacies and multilingual first year students in an English-medium university: Social and demographic change, multiliteracies, and institutional response (S. Marshall)

Foundational academic literacy development: A pilot study of learner contexts and perceptions of progress (S. Marshall)

Intégration des jeunes immigrants africains dans les écoles francophones en Colombie-Britannique (Jacquet, Moore & Sabatier)

Intégration des jeunes immigrants africains dans les écoles de la Colombie-Britannique (Jacquet, Moore & Sabatier)

The Use of Pedagogical Documentation to support First Nations Heritage Language Instruction in Early Childhood Education (MacDonald & Moore)

Enseigner le français à Vancouver en Colombie-Britannique, le cas des Écoles francophones (Moore & Sabatier)

Literacy of Multilingual Children in French Immersion Programs (Moore & Dagenais)

Language learning in intermediate grades (Toohey & Dagenais)

Appropriating voices:  Learning ESL in elementary school (Toohey)

Constructing bi-/multilingual competences in different language learning settings in British Columbia (Sabatier)

Coalition Politics in University Contexts:  The Role of Intragroup Dynamics in Building Communicative Relations Among Groups (van der Wey