Financial Resources

Various forms of financial assistance are available for graduate students in Education. Admission to SFU does not imply financial support. As a consequence of not being able to guarantee funding for all graduate students, the Faculty of Education stresses to all applicants, and particularly those from overseas, that they are responsible for supporting their graduate study at this institution for a minimum of two years and funding should be arranged before arriving in Canada.

Thesis-based students are encouraged to apply for Graduate Fellowships and present papers at major conferences, for which SFU supplies some funding.

Visit Scholarships & Awards for information regarding scholarships.

Employment Opportunities

Sessional Instructor (SI), Teaching Assistantship (TA) or Tutor Marker (TM) positions are posted on the Faculty of Education, Work With Us page as vacancies come available. 

Sessional Instructors appointments may be available on a term basis. Availability in any term is a function of student enrollment in undergraduate courses, and the competitions are normally advertised 4 months prior to the start of each term.

Teaching Assistantships are available for graduate students. TA's are responsible for assigned instruction of undergraduate students, usually in a classroom or laboratory setting under the direction of a faculty member. Wages are set by a collective agreement between the University and Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU).

TA appointments are normally advertised 3 months prior to the start of each term.

Tutor Markers for Undergraduate Programs offers term TM positions in support of undergraduate courses scheduled through distance education. TM appointments are normally advertised 3 months prior to the start of each term.

Make a Future posts employment opportunities for teachers, administrators, and educational leaders as well as management professionals and support staff. 

Research Positions

Many faculty members are able to offer Research Assistantships to graduate students studying under their supervision. The level of support varies depending on the field of study and the availability of research grant funds. Apply to faculty members directly and also add your cv and information to our Faculty of Education Research Assistant profiles.

Needs-based Awards, Bursaries and Loans

  • Needs-based Awards and Loans
    Information about needs-based scholarships, bursaries, Workstudy programs, and Government student loans and grants is available from the Student Services, Financial Aid and Awards website.
  • SFU Bursaries and Loans
    Bursaries for all SFU students are administered by SFU's Financial Aid and Awards office.
  • Emergency Loans and Bursaries
    Students in critical financial need due to unforeseen circumstances may be eligible for emergency loans or bursaries. For further information email Financial Assistance in Student Services,

Note: Specific programs may be ineligible for Government student loans and grants. Please ensure you check with Financial Aid Services. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the student and the program meets the eligibility requirements. Please contact Financial Aid Services at with any questions.

Need to see a Financial Aid Advisor?

If you can't find an answer to your question through the updated Financial Aid & Awards website.

See an advisor in person, at the SFU Burnaby campus. You can sign in to see an advisor during our drop-ins by using their self-service kiosk located on the top floor of the Maggie Benston Centre (3000 level). This support is available to both undergraduate and graduate students at SFU.

Drop-in times* are available as follows:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday - 9:30 am to 3:30 pm
Wednesday - 9:30 am to 2:00 pm
Friday - 10:00 am - 3:30 pm
*subject to change without notice

Financial Aid and Awards provides some limited drop-in times at SFU Surrey (currently every Tuesday) and SFU Vancouver (currently every Thursday) campuses as well.

Drop-in times are meant to accommodate as many students as possible. However, if you can not make it during the drop-in times listed above, please schedule an appointment.

Appointments are available upon request. Call 778-782-6930.

Additional Financing Options

  • Most banks offer a student line-of-credit financing program. Check with your financial institution to find out what student financing options are available.
  • The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows withdrawals from a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) to finance training or education. To learn more about this option, obtain the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) guide from CRA.
  • Some of our current students are financially sponsored, in full or in part, by their employers. We encourage you to discuss financial support with your organization.
  • If you are a BC teacher and you are mentoring an SFU student-teacher as a School Associate, you may qualify for Tuition Fee Credits.