Educational Leadership: Leading for Educational Change in the Yukon EdD


The EdD program meets the needs of educators who occupy positions of influence in schools, colleges, universities and health and community services. The class schedule accommodates the demanding schedules and life styles of practicing education professionals.

The EdD program provides a blend of rigorous coursework and original research. The program focuses on integrating education and leadership theory with practice and drawing on the Yukon’s unique socio-political-cultural-environmental context. Preparing students to understand the current educational landscape, think for change, and enact change is fundamental to the program’s intent. The program offered will emphasize integrating theory with practice. 

Goals of the Program

The EdD Program is intended to provide participants with structured and supported opportunities for:

  • Develop, through scholarly and first-hand exposure, a critical understanding of the current educational landscape and associated concerns in a variety of settings in the Yukon;
  • Develop, through scholarly exposure, a critical awareness of assumptions and theories informing current and proposed educational leadership practice;
  • Understand, apply, and articulate educational leadership theories, knowledge of historical and socio-cultural conditions, and a personal philosophy for land- and community-based decision making;
  • Apply principles of land- and community-based education to inform policies across multiple levels;
  • Articulate and advocate for organizational and leadership cultures that are critically reflective of their practices and conducive to student learning and development in response to community imperatives;
  • Use knowledge of education and leadership theories in consideration of the knowledge of historical and socio-cultural conditions to influence educational development;
  • Facilitate the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a vision of land- and community-based education;
  • Create and conduct a line of research that has the potential for contributing important new understandings and trajectories for educational leadership in the Yukon and broader field of education.

This program is intended for instructors, senior administrators and professional staff in the public education and other related sectors (e.g., health), community leaders, researchers and policy analysts.

The program culminates in a degree of the highest standard in the profession of education.

  • Start Term: Fall 2022 (September)
  • Location: Whitehorse, Yukon
  • Classes: Fri. (4:30–9:00) + Sat. (8:30–4:30)/every 2-3weeks
  • Applications Open: November 1, 2021
  • Applications Close: March 15, 2022
  • Tuition 2021/22*: $5,193.99/term
    *Subject to estimated 2% fee increase each September.


Anisha shares her experience in the Educational Leadership Doctoral program in the Faculty of Education. 


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