Program Development

Graduate Studies in Education works with community associates and faculty members to develop quality programs to meet the needs of partner organizations and communities.




Short-Term, Non-Credit within partner community or on-campus Advanced Professional Studies, International Programs
Graduate Diploma within partner community Advanced Professional Studies
Master of Education within partner community or on-campus Graduate Programs, Surrey (Community Programs)
Doctor of Education within partner community or on-campus Graduate Programs, Surrey (Community Programs)

Organizations interested in working with Community Graduate Programs to develop graduate certificate, master of education or doctor of education degree opportunities please contact:

Dr. Lucy Le Mare
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies in Education

Program Development in Advanced Professional Studies

Advanced Professional Studies has developed a reputation for excellence in inservice education by following sound philosophical and guiding principles. It is a valued and important area of the Faculty of Education's outreach to the professional community.

We are approached regularly by other institutions wishing to collaborate on program development and delivery, and by school districts seeking in-depth professional development opportunities for their staff. The combination of local access, programmatic excellence and relevance has generated a consistent demand for our credit courses and programs, particularly the Graduate Diploma in education programs. Factors underlying the strong demand include:

  • the need for courses and programs that address recent changes in educational policy, curriculum and pedagogy;
  • the large number of mid-career educators wishing to upgrade their professional status;
  • the need to develop learning opportunities that are accessible to teachers in all regions of the province;
  • the need for programs that address new and emerging credentialing criteria of professional associations;
  • the need to prepare mentors for a massive turnover of teachers during the coming decade; and
  • an appreciation for co-development opportunities and responsive programming that Advanced Professional Studies offers.

Organizations interested in working with Advanced Professional Studies to develop inservice teacher education opportunities should contact:

Dr. Paula Rosehart
Associate Director, Advanced Professional Studies