Teaching for Social Justice (Surrey) - Fall 2020


Program capacities provide a reflective focus for documenting and self-assessing learning. At frequent intervals throughout the program, participants and their mentors refer to the capacities to assess progress, to set new goals and to create direction for further learning in field studies. At the end of the program, each participant’s comprehensive portfolio includes a synthesis of learning and self-assessment of growth in these capacities, supported by evidence of learning. This program provides opportunities to develop these capacities.

  • Develop orientations of inquiry and critical reflection that foster understanding of social justice with a view to developing one’s practice.
  • Investigate and evaluate educational theories and philosophies in equity studies to inform and transform one’s practice.
  • Foster dispositions of pedagogical sensitivity and relationality in multicultural, multilingual, multiracial contexts.
  • Cultivate teaching, learning and assessment practices to support the learning of all students in multiple sociocultural contexts.
  • Collaborate within and provide support to learning communities and demonstrate teacher leadership through mentoring opportunities.
  • Engage in innovative practice, encourage risk-taking and develop capacities to create inclusive and just communities.
  • Location: SD #36, Surrey
  • Suited for: K-12 teachers
  • Start Term: Fall 2020 (Sep)
  • End Term: Summer 2022 (May)
  • Application Status: Closed
  • 2020/21 Tuition*: $320.28/unit
    (Students register for 5 units per term)
    *Subject to estimated 2% fee increase each September.


Additional information can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page as well as in the Student Calendar.