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Modern Learners Podcast: #76 – The Power of the System with Dr. Özlem Sensoy

In the Modern Learners podcast, Dr. Özlem Sensoy (ESE faculty and co-coordinator) talks powerfully about how we need to reflect deeply on how our actions are molded by the system, ways in which we can turn our classrooms and cultures into more equitable and more just environments, and how to work with colleagues and students to develop a greater sensitivity to the power of the system and ways to act to change it. 

Listen Here

Antiracism educator & MEd ESE Graduate Annie Ohana seeks NDP nomination to run for Parliament

If elected, Ohana has a lot to bring on the table in these depressing times of growing racism and bigotry. Being Jewish herself, she understands what it means to be a minority and how to deal with the threat of white supremacy.  

Read the remainder of the article via The Georgia Straight.

Two students from the Equity Studies in Education (ESE) program has been recognized with a 2019 British Columbia Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Award:

  • ESE Alumna Annie Ohana '18 (supervised by Dr. Kumari Beck and Dr. Ann Chinery) is the founder of Mustang Justice, a youth social justice leadership program, which focuses on support for cultural revitalization projects, interfaith dialogue and the protection of cultures facing oppression in their home countries.
  • Nada El Masry, a Lybian-born Palestinian and ESE student (supervised by Dr. Ena Lee) is the co-creator of RADIUS SFU, and a team member for the Beyond Borders project, which is focused on addressing themes of civic engagement, inclusion and systemic barriers to thriving livelihoods for refugees in Surrey.

Read the full list of recipients here.

Dr. Wanda Cassidy gives President’s Faculty Lecture 2019

February 2019: Dr. Wanda Cassidy gives 2019 SFU President’s Faculty Lecture, titled Cyberbullying in our Schools and Universities: Extent, Impacts, and Solutions. Her full lecture can be viewed at this link:

ESE student Rowan Shafer (MEd 2018) publishes feature article in Penn Graduate School of Education’s journal Perspectives on Urban Education.  

The Simpsons and the Savior Teacher/Deficit Parent in Popular Culture
Rowan Shafer
Simon Fraser University

Abstract: The savior teacher/ deficit parent narrative has become a public pedagogy in America, evidenced by the rise of Teach for America, and the threat of extreme neoliberal education reforms by the Trump administration. In this paper, I examine how the popular television show, The Simpsons, upholds and challenges familiar tropes of the savior teacher/ deficit parent narrative. Drawing on Michael Apple’s theory of the enterprising individual as a trait of neoliberal education ideology, I analyze the ways in which the episode “Lisa’s Substitute” strays from predictable narratives through a focus on parent/ child relationship vs. teacher/ student relationship. I conclude that while this episode highlights and satirizes tropes of the savior teacher/ deficit parent narrative, ultimately, the resolution does not challenge assumptions about working class parents as a barrier to their children’s success or the missionary role of teacher saviors.

Feds extend funding to SFU-professor-led LGBTQ2+ refugee assistance program

Rainbow Refugee has received funding extension from the Canadian Federal government. Dr. Jordan serves as the board chair for Rainbow Refugee and is involved in LGBTQ2+ resettlement work across Canada. 

Amy Parent Distinguished Alumni Award 2018

Dr. Amy Parent who was selected for the 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award from Douglas College. Parent was chosen for her contributions to reducing barriers to education for aboriginal youth after overcoming her own struggles in college.

ESE Student Ashley Bentley hired as Educator, Sexual Violence Prevention SFU

Ashley Bentley is originally from England and is a settler working, living and learning on the traditional, unceded and occupied lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, Tsleil-Watuth and Kwikwetlem peoples.

Wanda Cassidy Excellence in Teaching Award 2017

Dr. Wanda Cassidy, Director of CELS and Associate Professor at SFU, was recently honoured with SFU's 2017 Excellence in Teaching Award.

Ann Chinnery gives President’s Faculty Lecture 2017

SFU Professor Ann Chinnery explores empathy, ethics & education in her President's Faculty Lecture "Rendered Responsible by the Fragile." Ann's talk is available here:

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