Master of Education in Educational Practice, MEd EP


1.  Before Applying (Admission Requirements and Documents)

a) Meet all the admission requirements for SFU and this program:

  • University Admission to a Master's Program
  • Program Prerequisites
  • Time Permitted Between a GDE and the MEd EP

b) Decide which MEd EP program you are applying for and confirm the starting term.

c) Have a valid credit card to pay the application fee (Visa or Mastercard).

Please contact the MEd EP office before completing your online application if you do not have either of these credit cards.

d) Collect the contact information for two references, including their email addresses:

Reference letters must be specific to this application and must be obtained from both of the following:

  1. a Graduate Diploma in Education instructional team member (mentor, instructor or faculty associate) who is very familiar with your work as a teacher inquirer; and,

  2. an individual who has witnessed the impact your inquiry has had on your practice, yourself and/or others (e.g., at the classroom-level, school-level, district-level or in other educational contexts), such as a colleague or administrator.

For more information about references, please visit:

e) Read the remaining steps of this "Application Process" and prepare to gather the required supporting documents, including transcripts.

The documents listed in Steps 3 & 4 will be required after completing the online application:

  • a reflective paper
  • a proposal for further study
  • a self-evaluation form
  • additional requirements for those with an undergraduate GPA below 3.0
  • additional requirements for those who may exceed the five-year completion limit
  • unofficial transcripts for each post-secondary institution attended
  • Format: Online or In-Person (SFU Burnaby or SFU Surrey)
  • Start Term: Summer 2022 (May)
  • End Term: Spring 2023 (Jan)
  • Application Status: Open as of November 1, 2021
  • Tuition 2021/22*: $3,150.84/term
  • *Subject to estimated 2% fee increase each September



2. Apply Online

Please note that the Online Application System is only available while applications are being accepted for each program.

a) Complete the SFU Graduate Admission Online Application

You do not have to wait until you have all your supporting documents ready before applying. 

Graduate programs can be competetive, therefore it is recommended that you begin your application early to complete the online sections and begin preparing and collecting the required documents.

b) Enter your contact and academic information, including e-mail addresses for two references

Once you have submitted your online application, your referees will receive a secure e-mail link and password where they can either submit the reference by uploading a reference letter in PDF format, or submit an online form with questions that are similar to those reflected on the Self-Evaluation Form.

c) Pay the application fee

After submitting your application, you will be prompted to pay the application fee of $90 CAD (students with Canadian transcripts) or $125 CAD (students with international transcripts).

The program office will be notified of your application after it has been submitted.

If you do not receive an e-mail requesting payment of this fee within three (3) working days after submitting your application, please contact the Gradute and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) office at to check the status of your application.

3.  Online Submission of Supporting Documents (PDF uploads)

The Online Application System will request that you upload the following documents in PDF format:

a) A reflective paper

Maximum 1500 words, 4-6 pages, double-spaced.

This paper should demonstrate a synthesis of theory, practice, and inquiry by describing significant understandings and ways that your practice has developed as a result of your work during a Graduate Diploma in Education (GDE) Program. Consider the following questions:

  • What are the most significant insights/new understandings you gained during your GDE program?
  • How do these insights/new understandings relate to your philosophy (beliefs and understandings about teaching and learning)?
  • How did your field studies contribute to your learning?
  • What were the most significant ideas from readings, and/or educational thinkers that influenced your learning?
  • What impact has your GDE experience had on your practice?
  • How are you participating differently in educational communities?
  • How did others contribute to your learning?
  • If you are not currently enrolled in a GDE, please describe how you have been continuing to engage in inquiry and professional learning since completing your GDE.

b) A proposal for further study

Maximum 600 words; approximately 2 pages double-spaced.

This proposal outlines your research passions and frames a possible direction for inquiry (please note that you may change the nature of your inquiry once accepted into the program). Consider the following questions:

  • What tension, problem or question about your practice (e.g., teaching, administration, counselling, etc.) do you foresee will be the focus of your inquiry? Why is this issue personally/professionally relevant?
  • What ‘thinkers’ (theorists, researchers, practitioners) inform this inquiry? How do their ideas inform your work?
  • How is this inquiry informed by, or related to, your previous GDE field studies?

c) Self Evaluation Form

A completed Self-Evaluation Form must be uploaded as part of your application.

Please either download and complete the form digitally or download, print, and complete the form by hand and then scan and upload into the online application system. The applicant is responsible to ensure that any handwritten information is easily legible.

d) Applicants with an undergraduate GPA below 3.0

In accordance with university policy, applicants to a master’s program must provide the CGPA acquired in their most recent graded academic program.  As the GDE is ungraded, your undergraduate GPA will be considered and must be a minimum of 3.0. In exceptional circumstances, students may be admitted to the MEd EP with an undergraduate CGPA below 3.0, with Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies' approval. If your CGPA is below 3.0, Section 3 of the Self-Evaluation form [see Section c) above] provides instructions on required information.

e) Applicants who may exceed the five-year completion limit

In exceptional circumstances, it may be possible to secure an extension to the five-year completion limit. In such cases, the applicant will be required to provide a letter explaining their delayed application. Specific requirements will be provided to applicants on contacting our MEd program assistant at or 778-782-5356 (See Time Permitted Between a GDE and a MEd EP).

4.  Order and submit transcripts

Applicants are required to upload unofficial transcripts (e.g. scanned copy, photocopy etc.) for each post-secondary institution attended.

Official transcripts will only be required if you receive an offer of admission.

Please note:

  • If you previously attended SFU, you do not need to submit SFU transcripts.
  • If you completed a Graduate Diploma in Education (GDE) in the past five years and have not taken any additional university coursework, the Advanced Professional Studies office may still have official copies of transcript(s) that can be used for this application.
  • If you completed a GDE more than five years ago, or if you have taken additional university coursework in the interim, you will be required to submit an official transcript for all institutions attended outside of SFU.
  • If a degree is in progress, do not send your official transcript from that institution until your degree is awarded and appearing on your transcript.

For more information, please visit

a) Electronic transcripts

Electronic transcripts must be sent via secure delivery services (e.g. Parchment) from official institutional email addresses to  Please note: not all institutions issue electronic transcripts, thus it is recommended you confirm with each institution.

b) Paper transcripts

If you plan to submit paper transcripts, to avoid delays in enrollment it is suggested you request 1-2 official transcripts from each institution to be mailed to your residence during the application process.

To be considered official, paper transcripts must be in the original sealed envelope issued by the institution, and submitted to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) at SFU.

You can arrange to:

  • have original, sealed, paper transcript(s) to be sent directly from the issuing institution to SFU;

Mailing address

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies​
Maggie Benston Centre 1100
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC, V5A 1S6​

  • or, order the transcript(s) to be delivered to your residence in a sealed envelope, and submit them to SFU in the institution's original sealed envelope, ensuring all official notations/seals/signatures remain untouched and intact;

Please note the Advanced Professional Studies office cannot accept responsibility for providing or requesting any documents on your behalf other than SFU transcripts.



The documents which students supply to support admission applications will be retained for three terms following the term to which application is made. Then, application forms, transcripts and other materials related to applications will be destroyed. Irreplaceable documents will be returned to the applicant if requested at the time of application.

Please note:

Admission to this program can be competitive, as spaces are limited, and applicants meeting the minimum requirements are not assured admission.

Candidates will be selected on the basis of the strength of their application, particularly in terms of their:

  • willingness to engage critically with scholarly/practitioner literature,
  • commitment to inquiry,
  • professional contributions to the learning of others, including graduate diploma colleagues,
  • capacity for critically reflective thinking (e.g. questioning taken-for-granted assumptions; examining beliefs, values, cultural practices in relation to teaching and learning),
  • ability to work collaboratively, respectfully, and meaningfully with others,
  • ability to persevere when confronted with challenges and obstacles, and
  • undergraduate cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (not teacher training credits).

Evidence will be derived from the reflective paper, proposal for further study, references, self-evaluation and transcripts on file.

If you have any questions about the application process please e-mail the MEd EP Program Assistant at or call 778-782-5356 and they will be happy to assist you.

Additional information can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page as well as in the Student Calendar.