Educational Leadership K–12, Restarting Relationships: Educational Leadership in Challenging Times MEd - Fall 2016


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The MEd in Educational Leadership K–12, Restarting Relationships: Educational Leadership in Challenging Times program* will examine the lived experiences of leadership, formal and informal, in the context of the challenging relationships between the provincial government and the BC Teachers' Federation, which currently contribute to low levels of trust in many contexts of the public school system.

By understanding the historical roots of the provincial context, the polarizations that have led to its various impasses, and their impact on organizational procedures, professional relationships, and public opinion, students will be encouraged to reimagine future alternatives and respond constructively to current organizational attitudes and practices.

Topics covered in this program include:

  • the historical, social and economic contexts of human relations policies and practices
  • workplace and labour relations law
  • organizational theory and behaviour
  • human resources management
  • public sector labor relations, issues and problems
  • negotiation skills, theories, processes and practices
  • workplace conflict and dispute resolution
  • leadership for change
  • relevant research methods

Students will also participate in symposia and/or a speaker series that will bring guest speakers from provincial organizations, local schools, and districts.

*Program subject to approvals.

Ideally Suited For

K–12 teachers and leaders seeking to upgrade their administrative and leadership skills as well as employee leaders and professionals working in the areas of human resources and labour relations.

  • Location: SFU Vancouver
  • Start Term: Fall 2016
  • End Term: Summer 2018
  • Apply from: November 15, 2015
  • Application Extended: April 15, 2016
  • Tuition 2017/18: $2,910.88/term
  • Current Program Offerings


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