Educational Leadership, Post-Secondary: Student Affairs & Services MEd - Fall 2019


Ground yourself in research, theory, and practice while focusing on the study of student affairs and services leadership. View issues and problems encountered in your workplace in deeper, more complex, and generative ways. Develop an increased understanding of the central issues, challenges and opportunities in diverse post-secondary educational contexts, including colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations and industry.

Overall, participation in this cohort will afford students a coherent program of study that integrates theory with practice, in addition to an opportunity to engage in a research project.

Students in this program will:

  • Situate their learning in a community of practice and engage with peers to form a community of inquiry (as a cohort).
  • Gain a better understanding of the key issues in post-secondary education and the interplay of those issues in organizational, societal, and personal contexts.
  • Critically reflect on the research, theory, and practices of educational leadership in the particular fields and interest areas of enrolled students.
  • Develop an interpretive framework based on research, and theory to guide their thinking and practice.
  • Examine the ethical foundations of education and explore ethical dilemmas and decision‐making processes in post-secondary contexts.

Ideally Suited For

Those working in post-secondary environments as post-secondary and/or student services professionals.

  • Location: SFU's Surrey campus
  • Classes: Fri. (4:30–9:00) + Sat. (8:30–4:30)/every 2-3weeks
  • Start Term: Fall 2019 (September)
  • End Term: Summer 2021
  • Application Status: Closed
  • Tuition 2019/20*: $3,028.49/term
    *Subject to estimated 2% fee increase each September.


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