Curriculum & Instruction: Contexts of Diversity in French MEd (On Campus at SFU) - Fall 2021


This Master of Education MEd program, offered in French, focuses on the theme of diversity and inclusion. Students will explore, understand and apply current theories and research related to second language teaching and learning in Francophone minority settings. Students will also discover how to adapt their practice to diverse, multicultural and multilingual environments.

This two-year cohort-based program is woven around a learning community that foster interactions between students and professors. The curriculum is intended for school administrators and educators of all levels who wish to develop and acquire strategies that can be applied in various educational settings.

Students will:

  • Critically examine current theories and research on bilingualism, plurilingualism, literacy, intercultural education and classroom interactions
  • Develop an understanding of research on cultural and linguistic diversity, including indigenous perspectives
  • Accurately relate theoretical discussions to practice within the context of French teaching and identify implications for practice
  • Critically reflect on their own classroom practices and professional identities
  • Engage in the university classroom in a collaborative and participatory manner
  • Location: On Campus at SFU
  • Start Term: Fall 2021 (September)
  • Application Status: Closed
  • Tuition 2020/21*: $1,946.94/term
    *Subject to estimated 2% fee increase each September.

  • Information on program delivery modes for programs starting Fall 2021: due to the ever changing situation with COVID-19, we are not able to provide information on program delivery modes for Fall 2021 at this time. If programs are to be delivered remotely in these terms, we will inform applicants as soon as any announcements are made by the university.



Ideally Suited For

  • Primary and secondary teachers (core French, intensive French, French Immersion or Francophone)
  • Educators (government, community, non-profits, business)
  • School administrators
  • Community and cultural stakeholders

Program Advantages

  • Cohort-based program facilitating interaction between students and professors
  • Academic writing support in both French and English
  • Papers and comprehensive exam may be written in either French or English
  • Additional education courses offered through a network of Western Universities or at Université François-Rabelais, Tours, France on various topics such as school management (optional)
  • Open doors to new career perspectives: pedagogical or community leadership, program management, educational administration
  • Leads to professional advancement (category/salary upgrades)

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