Curriculum & Instruction: Contexts of Diversity in French MEd (Online) - Fall 2019



The two-year MEd cohort program consists of seven 5-unit courses (total 35 units) delivered online over six consecutive terms including:

  • One course/term offered online on a synchronous mode (virtual class with a scheduled day and time) or on an asynchronous mode (individual hours, no scheduled time), plus a scheduled final comprehensive exam.
  • Contribution to an online forum 
  • Online meetings with your professors as needed 
  • Advanced technology in education

You should expect to spend 5 to 6 hours per week studying and working on assignments.

Minimum Technical Requirements

  • PC (Windows XP or Vista) or Mac (OS X 10.4 or greater)
  • High-speed internet connection
  • USB headset with a microphone (or a headset)
  • Webcam and a CD/DVD player

Students Complete

EDUC 819-5    Studies in Teacher-Student Interaction

Studies in Teacher-Student Interaction

EDUC 819

Consideration of systems for analysing teacher interaction and their use in analysing the student's own classroom teaching. The course will also deal with models of instruction designed to achieve various categories of educational objectives.

EDUC 823-5    Curriculum and Instruction in an Individual Teaching Speciality

Curriculum and Instruction in an Individual Teaching Speciality

EDUC 823

An intensive examination of developments in a curriculum area selected by the student. In addition the course will deal with major philosophical and historical factors that influence the present state and future directions of curriculum and instruction.

EDUC 834-5    Multilingualism, Language Acquisition, and Language Learning in the School Context

Multilingualism, Language Acquisition, and Language Learning in the School Context

EDUC 834

A critical examination of key aspects of bi- and multilingualism from the double perspectives of sociolinguistics and language education. Current issues and theoretical developments in the study of multilingualism, identity, and language teaching provide a solid foundation to understand second and third language acquisition and literacy development in bilingual settings, including new perspectives on plurilingualism in language planning in education. The language of instruction will be French.

EDUC 858-5    Intercultural Perspectives and Practices in Francophone School Contexts 

Intercultural Perspectives and Practices in Francophone School Contexts

EDUC 858

In this course, students will be introduced to the foundations of intercultural education, and engaged in critically analyzing school practices - including their own underlying assumptions and teaching practices - relating to cultural diversity and identity in multicultural Francophone school contexts. Students will derive classroom applications and become familiar with policies, contemporary research, and practices in the field of intercultural education in Canada and other Francophone countries.

EDUC 864-5    Research Designs in Education

Research Designs in Education

EDUC 864

Designing and interpreting research about education. Introduction to survey techniques, correlational designs, classic experimental and evaluation designs for investigating causal relations, case study methods, interpretive approaches to research. Students with credit for EDUC 814 may not take this course for further credit. Equivalent Courses: EDUC814

EDUC 904-5    Fieldwork III

Applied research work on a topic of the student's choice. The Faculty Sponsor will provide further information regarding the Fieldwork course.

EDUC 883-5    MEd Comprehensive Exam

MEd Comprehensive Examination

EDUC 883

The examination is graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.

The comprehensive exam examines the dynamics of learning and the academic and professional development of research practitioners. This exam enhances the knowledge and skills acquired during the program.

* Program courses and order of delivery may be subject to change.

  • Location: Online (Distance Learning)
  • Start term: Fall 2019 (September)
  • End term: Summer 2021
  • Application Status: Closed
  • Tuition 2019/20*: $3,028.49/term
    *Subject to estimated 2% fee increase each September.


Optional Courses

In addition to the required courses, you will have the opportunity to register for other courses of your choice offered by:

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