Our Curriculum and Instruction programs offer Doctoral and Master’s degrees that explore and critically examine learning and teaching within traditional and non-traditional learning environments spanning the course of life. Faculty and students collaborate in scholarly inquiry to achieve scholarly excellence in the investigation, design, and implementation of curricula.

Master's Programs

Our Curriculum and Instruction Foundations (MA, MEd) program is intended for educators who wish to critically examine current educational curriculum theory, research, and practice.  Participants are encouraged to examine their own instructional practices and to consider carefully the match between their practices and their developing curriculum theories of education. This program is offered on our Burnaby campus.
Please note: This program is currently under review and not intaking new students at this time. If you are interested in the upcoming Curriculum & Instruction Foundations MA, MEd program, please join our interest list.

Our Curriculum and Instruction: Equity Studies in Education (MA, MEd) program is designed for students who wish to study and develop expertise in an equity framework for education. The program conceptualizes education broadly as a concept that includes schooling, but also includes other social forces that shape knowledge in society.

Our Educational Practice (MEd EP) program is a 12-month intensive program “laddered” from SFU’s Graduate Diploma in Advanced Professional Studies in Education (GDE).  This is an opportunity for students to extend their work undertaken in the GDE. It involves broadening and deepening understandings of educational theory, research and practice.

Our Curriculum & Instruction (MEd) programs are themed cohort programs designed to meet the unique educational needs of current and future educational leaders working in diverse organizational settings such as schools, colleges, universities, health and community services. These widely-recognized programs are offered on-demand and may be offered at our Surrey campus, throughout the province, online, and/or in mixed modes of instruction, depending on interest and demand.


Doctoral Programs

Our Educational Theory and Practice: Curriculum and Pedagogy Stream (PhD) program focuses on developing a comprehensive understanding of current educational theory and practice, preparing students for professional and teaching positions in colleges and universities, or for leadership roles in school districts with regard to planning and implementing curricula. Students undertake a small set of required courses then work intensively as an apprentice with their supervisory committees.

Our Educational Theory and Practice: Philosophy of Education Stream (PhD) program embraces the radical practices of philosophical inquiry, analysis, and interpretation within research and educational practices. Students apply knowledge, sensibility, skills and dispositions of philosophical inquiry, analysis, and interpretation to understand and transform education. This program encompasses three overlapping dimensions: Ecology, Culture, and Consciousness and is designed to attract educators from diverse professional fields, communities, and teaching and leadership positions who are interested in studying philosophical texts and contexts pertaining to educational studies.

Curriculum and Instruction Education Community

Academic Coordinators

Dr. Charles Bingham - Academic Coordinator (2021 Admissions)

Teaching Faculty

Students and Alumni Experiences

Curriculum & Instruction: Foundations (MA, MEd)

  • Carol Suhr MA alumnus, currently working as a teacher trainer (TESL) for the International House Career...

Curriculum & Instruction: Themed Cohorts (MEd)

  • Albert van Akker MEd alumnus, Chair:Architectural Trades & Instructor: Carpentry Apprenticeship.

  • Anne-Marie Côté MEd alumnus, RMT and instructor at Langara College.

  • Betsy Bruyere MEd alumnus and entrepreneur.

  • Caitlyn James MEd alumnus, teacher and counsellor.

  • Carolina Lopez MEd alumnus and founder of Educación Imaginativa de México S.C.

  • Eric Fry MEd alumnus and BCIT Ford ASSET Diploma Instructor.

  • Jimmy Yan MEd alumnus and Project and Information Officer of Access Pro Bono.

  • John Gordon MEd alumnus, instructor and chair of plumbing & pipe trades program at Camosun.

  • Jonathan Dyck MEd alumnus and teacher in Langley, BC.

  • Nicole Hurtubise MEd alumnus and early career elementary school teacher.

  • Patrick Jones MEd alumnus, instructor in the Automotive Department at Camosun College.

  • Roland Bottiglieri MEd alumnus and practicing teacher.

  • Sally Song MEd alumnus, Grade 4–7 teacher.

  • Sherry Sinclair MEd alumnus and Family Resource practitioner.

  • Sheryl Cooper MEd alumnus and Nursing instructor at North Island College.

  • Taneem Botelho MEd alumnus and Registered Nurse.

Educational Practice (MEd)

Curriculum Theory and Implementation (PhD)

  • Adhi Susilo PhD alumnus and lecturer at Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia.

  • Catherine McGregor PhD alumnus and Associate Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Victoria.

  • Hannah Celinski PhD student and Assistant Professor at The University of the Fraser Valley.

  • Kathryn Alexander PhD alumnus and Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario.

Curriculum Theory & Implementation: Philosophy of Education (PhD)

  • Lee Beavington PhD student, Artist and scientist at Kwantlen Poytechnic University and Arts Education.

  • Matthew Kruger-Ross PhD alumnus, Educator and life-long learner.

  • Poh Tan PhD student, entrepreneur, stem cell biologist, educator, volunteer and mother.

  • Thomas Culham PhD alumnus, Dean's Convocation Medal winner and consultant with Culham Business Solutions Ltd.

  • Tim Waddington PhD alumnus.

Research Projects

Pre-service Teachers of Mathematics and Computer-Enhanced Mathematics Learning Environments (Campbell)

Mathematics Educational Neuroscience Laboratory (Campbell)

Educational Neuroscience: Applying New Tools and Methods to Educational Research (Campbell)

Legal Literacy for Youth: An Integrated, Holistic Project for BC Schools (Cassidy)

Educating for critical historical consciousness: Beyond the social justice/content knowledge debate in teacher education (Chinnery)

Educational Implications of Emmanuel Levinas' Ethics (Chinnery)

Preparing Teachers for Work in Increasingly Diverse Classrooms (Chinnery)

Social Responsibility and Teacher Education: A Preliminary Study (Chinnery)

Imaginative Education (Egan)

Learning in Depth (Egan)

Whole School Projects (Egan)

International Imaginative Education (Egan, Blenkinsop, Fettes)

Building Culturally Inclusive Schools Through Imaginative Education (Fettes)

Improving Aboriginal Secondary School Outcomes Through Imaginative Education (Fettes)

Developing Ecological Literacy at the Bowen Island Community School (Zanvliet and MacKinnon)

Environmental Learning and Experience (Zandvliet)

Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood Networks (SUNN) (Zandvliet)

Enacting the ethics of care: Theory and practice (Bai)

Pedagogical models for inclusion andequity in diverse school communities (Bai)

Encountering individualism: Studies in moral agency and ethics of care (Bai)

Developing the Ecological Imagination (Blenkinsop)

Cyber-bullying at university: Students’ and faculty members’ experiences and solutions (Cassidy)

Changing the life trajectory of gang-involved Aboriginal youth who have complex needs and co-occurring problems (Cassidy)

Cyber-bullying:  Are schools obliged to prevent bullying in a virtual school environment? (Cassidy)

"Prove It To Me!": Bridging the Claims-Evidence Gap in Digital Game-Based Learning Research (de Castell)

Simulations and Advanced Gaming for Education (de Castell)

Paying Attention to Attention (de Castell)

Building the Social Ecology of an Inclusive Community (Chinnery)

Engaging young minds in theory and practice (Egan)

Learning in depth (Egan, MacKinnon)

A  Strategic International Research Cluster in Imagination and Education (Fettes, Blenkinsop, Egan)

Learning for Understanding through Culturally Inclusive Imaginative Development (LUCID) (Fettes)

Intergenerational Teaching and Learning: Implications for a Heritage Language Immersion Program for Young Children of First Nations Origin (MacDonald)

Adult Education for Economic Development in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos PDR (MacKinnon)