Faculty of Education Graduate Student Funding Policy

All financial support administered by the Faculty of Education is subject to policies and regulations set out in the Graduate General Regulations and the SFU Graduate Student Admission Handbook, and is consistent with other governing regulations and practices of the University.

All students are eligible, encouraged and supported to apply for private and external funding per the terms of reference that govern those awards. Senior supervisors and pro-tem advisors commit to helping their advisees develop competitive applications for all internally and externally administered funding awards to which the student chooses to apply.

The Faculty of Education awards funding based on merit with consideration such that, other things being equal, funds are distributed to students not otherwise employed.

  1. Financial support administered by the Faculty of Education is competitive and subject to
    satisfactory progress and performance in course work and research towards degree completion.
  2. Preference will be given in offering financial support to students who are (a) not remunerated for work outside SFU, (b) not employed in a CUPE or APSA position at SFU and enrolled in the first (c) 6 semesters of a master’s program or (d) 9 semesters of a doctoral program.
  3. Packages of funding offered at admission or other times to exceptionally qualified master’s and doctoral students may consist of one or a combination of research assistantships (RA), teaching assistantships (TA) and tutor marker positions (TM), graduate fellowships (GF), and once PhD students have completed course work plus the comprehensive examination, the President’s PhD Scholarship (PS).
    • Students holding RAs will have priority in awards for GFs and PSs subject to the conditions described in #6.
    • RAs enrolled in a doctoral program are paid at an annual rate not less than $18,500 for 750 hours work per year or an hourly rate of $24.67. Benefits will be added to these amounts.
    • RAs enrolled in a master’s program are paid at an annual rate not less than $16,000 for 750 hours work per year or an hourly rate of $21.33. Benefits will be added to these amounts.
  4. Exceptionally qualified students enrolled in master’s and doctoral programs are eligible, as funds are available, for funding generated within and provided by the Faculty of Education.
  5. Master’s and doctoral students admitted to an area of study – Arts Education, Educational
    Leadership, Educational Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Educational Technology and
    Learning Design, Curriculum and Instruction, Curriculum Theory and Implementation,
    Mathematics Education, and Languages Cultures and Societies – have priority for TA, TM or Site Assistant (SA) positions in courses within the disciplinary purview of that area.
  6. Every student supported by any component of a funding package (see #3) who is eligible must make application within 15 months of first enrollment to sources of funding for which the student is eligible that are managed by and external to SFU. Failure to do so lowers the student’s priority for GF and PS funding.

Note: Specific programs may be ineligible for Government student loans and grants. Please ensure you check with Financial Aid Services. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the student and the program meets the eligibility requirements. Please contact Financial Aid Services at fiassist@sfu.ca with any questions.