Professional Learning Series

The Faculty of Education offers support for the continued professional learning of educators at all levels working in a variety of environments in the form of an inquiry-based series of 3-5 sessions.

The focus for each series is developed collaboratively in response to specific needs identified within a district, school or educational institution. These needs may arise from policy and curricular changes or the desire to improve educational services in specific areas.

These series are made available to school districts, independent schools and other educational institutions on a variety of topics, including:

  • The new BC curriculum (and related topics)
  • Project-based learning and Inquiry
  • Approche actionnelle/Action-oriented approach
  • Supporting oral language in the classroom
  • Language acquisition in the content areas
  • Numeracy and number sense
  • Literacy
  • Teacher inquiry
  • Additional topics as requested

These series are usually hosted by the district/organization making the request. They may be accommodated on-campus if requested.

Design Features

Each series will consist of:

  • 3-5 non-credit sessions around a chosen theme
  • sessions may be held during the day, evening or on the weekend
  • they may be from 2-5 hours each