Student & Alumni Stories

Why Students Choose Graduate Studies in Education at SFU?

At SFU we integrate academic intensity with flexibility, giving our students the knowledge, skills and experiences to thrive in an ever-changing and challenging world. We value diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Our Faculty of Education alumni, students, staff and faculty, many hailing from around the world, help to inform our local and global perspectives.

Meet Annabella Cant, PhD alumnus

Arts Education (MA, MEd)

  • Bonnie Nish MA alumnus and PhD student at European Graduate School, Switzerland

  • Thea Rutherford MA alumnus, writer, teacher and former journalist.

Arts Education (PhD)

  • Sheinagh Anderson PhD alumnus, artist, researcher, teacher, mentor, and designer of Contemplative Artist Praxis as...

  • Julia Lane PhD alumnus, studied clowns and clowning (as ‘researcher’ and ‘performer’).

  • Shannon Leddy PhD alumnus, mother, writer, artist and former Vancouver Arts and Social Studies teacher.

Transformational Change (EdD)

Counselling Psychology (MA, MEd)

  • Cheryl Inkster MA alumnus who researched the relocation experiences of Indigenous female youth in foster care.

  • Ruth Silverman MEd alumnus and Learning Services Coordinator with SFU's Student Learning Commons.

  • Ashley Silzer MEd alumnus and elementary school teacher.

Curriculum & Instruction: Equity Studies in Education (MA, MEd)

Teresa Dettling, MEd - Social Justice Activist.

Vive Wong, MEd - Non-profit organization in the Community Engagement Sector.

Christie Mendes, MEd - Learning and Development.

Sarah Shove, (MEd) - Grade 7 Teacher, Delta School District.

Madeline Brewster, (MEd) - High School Teacher, Vancouver School District.

Mark Touzeau, (MEd) - Primary School Teacher, Langley School Dictrict.

Curriculum & Instruction Foundations (MA, MEd)

  • Carol Suhr MA alumnus, currently working as a teacher trainer (TESL) for the International House Career...

Curriculum & Instruction: Themed Cohorts (MEd)

  • Taneem Botelho MEd alumnus and Registered Nurse.

  • Roland Bottiglieri MEd alumnus and practicing teacher.

  • Betsy Bruyere MEd alumnus and entrepreneur.

  • Sheryl Cooper MEd alumnus and Nursing instructor at North Island College.

  • Anne-Marie Côté MEd alumnus, RMT and instructor at Langara College.

  • Jonathan Dyck MEd alumnus and teacher in Langley, BC.

  • Eric Fry MEd alumnus and BCIT Ford ASSET Diploma Instructor.

  • John Gordon MEd alumnus, instructor and chair of plumbing & pipe trades program at Camosun.

  • Nicole Hurtubise MEd alumnus and early career elementary school teacher.

  • Caitlyn James MEd alumnus, teacher and counsellor.

  • Patrick Jones MEd alumnus, instructor in the Automotive Department at Camosun College.

  • Carolina Lopez MEd alumnus and founder of Educación Imaginativa de México S.C.

  • Sherry Sinclair MEd alumnus and Family Resource practitioner.

  • Sally Song MEd alumnus, Grade 4–7 teacher.

  • Jimmy Yan MEd alumnus and Project and Information Officer of Access Pro Bono.

  • Albert van Akker MEd alumnus, Chair:Architectural Trades & Instructor: Carpentry Apprenticeship.

Educational Practice (MEd)

Curriculum Theory & Implementation (PhD)

  • Kathryn Alexander PhD alumnus and Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario.

  • Hannah Celinski PhD student and Assistant Professor at The University of the Fraser Valley.

  • Catherine McGregor PhD alumnus and Associate Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Victoria.

  • Adhi Susilo PhD alumnus and lecturer at Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia.

Curriculum Theory & Implementation: Philosophy of Education (PhD)

  • Lee Beavington PhD student, Artist and scientist at Kwantlen Poytechnic University and Arts Education.

  • Thomas Culham PhD alumnus, Dean's Convocation Medal winner and consultant with Culham Business Solutions Ltd.

  • Matthew Kruger-Ross PhD alumnus, Educator and life-long learner.

  • Poh Tan PhD student, entrepreneur, stem cell biologist, educator, volunteer and mother.

  • Tim Waddington PhD alumnus.

Educational Leadership (MEd)

  • Marney Paradis MEd alumnus and Executive Director, Skookum Jim Friendship Centre.

  • Natalie Hargott MEd alumnus and Enrolment Services Professional at UBC.

  • Peter Johnston MEd alumnus and Principal at Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning (SAIL), K–12, in Surrey,...

Educational Leadership (EdD)

  • Khaled Alajlan EdD alumnus and Educator from Saudi Arabia.

  • Candy Ho EdD Leadership alumnus.

  • Christina Dobson (Brazzoni) EdD alumnus. Specialized in First Nations mental health and critical incident stress management.

  • Tom Brown EdD alumnus and Academic Director of the GDBA and Part-Time MBA programs in the Beedie School of...

  • Steve Cardwell EdD Alumnus, Professor of Teaching and Director of Executive Educational Leadership at UBC.

  • Wendy Carr EdD alumnus and Teacher Educator at UBC.

  • Paule Desgroseilliers EdD alumnus and FSL Dean of Graduate Studies Convocation Medal winner.

  • Sheila Elworthy EdD alumnus and Vice-President, Chartered Accountant School of Business (CASB).

  • Barry Hogan EdD alumnus and Senior Director, Program Development & Review, BCIT School of Business

  • Ted Gervan EdD alumnus and Vice President of Education at VFS.

  • Kamuela Ka'Ahanui EdD alumnus, Faculty member in teacher education.

  • Lynne MacFadgen EdD alumnus and Administrator at Vancouver Island University.

  • Jim McConnell EdD Alumnus, Head of School, Stratford Hall.

  • Sarah Pask-Goodwin EdD alumnus and Director of Development for the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre.

  • Jacqueline Pizzuti Ashby EdD alumnus and Educational Consultant.

  • Tom Roemer EdD alumnus and Vice-President Academic at BCIT and Director, Greater Victoria Development Agency.

  • Sandra Theroux EdD alumnus and nurse.

  • Daniel To EdD alumnus and Principal, Education Services in the Surrey School District

Educational Psychology (MA, MEd)

  • Anne Bonnycastle MA alumnus and Head of music at Crofton House School.

  • Angus Chan MEd alumnus and Coordinator, Academic Resource Centre at Corpus Christi College/St. Mark's College.

  • Lorraine Wood-Gaines MEd alumnus and university instructor.

Allanah Wallace, (MEd) shares her experience in the Education Psychology Master’s program.

Educational Psychology (PhD)

Educational Technology & Learning Design (MA, MEd)

  • Angela Crocker MEd alumnus, writer, speaker, and instructor focused on digital living.

  • Elyssa Derban MA alumnus and School Principal in Vancouver.

  • Jon Hamlin MEd alumnus and Teacher, Designer, Cisco Academy Instructor, Lifelong learner

  • Naveen Jit MEd student and BCIT instructor.

  • Ken MacAllister MEd alumnus and CEO of Cogcentric Labs Inc.

  • Marzieh Saghafian MEd alumnus and PhD candidate in Organizational Studies at Schulich School of Business, York...

Educational Technology & Learning Design (PhD)

  • Lynda Beveridge PhD alumnus, BCIT Instructional Development Consultant, part-time teacher in a MEd program (School...

  • Sanja Boskovic PhD alumnus and one of the few women practicing in power and process engineering in her country.

  • Natalie Frandsen PhD student and Assistant Teaching Professor at UVic (School of Public Health and Social Policy).

  • Patrick Pennefather PhD alumnus and founding faculty member at the Master of Digital Media Program in Vancouver.

Graduate Diploma in Education (GDE)

  • Jen Beauchene GDE alumnus in Inclusive Education and Grade 3 Teacher.

  • Alicia McCormick GDE alumnus in Inclusive Education and bilingual teacher-librarian in the Surrey school district.

  • John Keranen GDE alumnus in Exploring Arts Education and elementary school teacher.

  • Kristie Nielsen GDE alumnus and Grade 2/3 Teacher.

  • Tanya Virani GDE alumnus, Secondary Science Teacher, Mom and lifelong Girl Guide.

Teaching English as an Additional Language (MEd)

  • Michael Bergenheim MEd alumnus and professional instructor for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

  • Lisa Olding MEd alumnus and K–12 EAL coordinator.

Teaching English as an Additional Language–Fieldwork Stream (MEd)

Languages, Cultures & Literacies (PhD)

  • Olessya Akimenko PhD student. Language School co-founder Head teacher and ESL instructor.

  • Willow Allen PhD alumnus.

  • Brent Amburgey PhD student. Worked in higher education in Tokyo, Japan; taught in Hungary and moved to Vancouver.

  • Liang Cao PhD student. His research interest centers on language and queer identities.

  • Magali Forte PhD student and a busy mom.

  • Fatima Jalali-Tehrani PhD student and bilingual language instructor and curriculum developer, coming from a multicultural...

  • Omar Nunez Mendez PhD student and founder of Ollin Tlahtoalli Center. Interested in issues around identity and...

  • Livia Poljak PhD student that looks forward to work with French immersion students.

  • Natacha Roudeix PhD student and Teacher at the Conseil Scolaire Francophone in British-Columbia.

  • Shaila Shams PhD student. Worked in Bangladesh as a lecturer in higher education sector for more than six years.

  • Angelpreet Singh PhD student and investigator of Punjabi-speaking family literacy.

Secondary Mathematics Education (MSc, MEd)

There are no Student Experience Profiles in Secondary Mathematics Education (MSc, MEd)

Mathematics Education (PhD)

 L'éducation en français en contextes de diversité  (MA, MEd)

Langues, cultures et littératies, en français (PhD)