Patrick Jones

"The experience enabled me to achieve substantial personal growth, to a level that I had previously not considered attainable."

Year Graduated: 2014
Program/Degree: C&I Post Secondary MEd 

I am an instructor in the Automotive Department at Camosun College.

Please tell us why you chose the Faculty of Education at SFU for your studies.
When the first information session regarding the SFU M.Ed. program was held at Camosun College I was nearing completion of the BC Instructor Diploma Program. I was thoroughly immersed in my own education and was eager to continue building on my new knowledge, the opportunity for a “non-traditional student” to enter a graduate level program at a highly regarded institution was too good to pass up.

How has this program impacted the way you approach your profession now?

The program enabled understanding of the multifarious complexities of education and curriculum, which has prompted me to have a much more reflective pedagogical practice. I am stepping into the classroom with greater awareness for what must transpire in order to enable and promote learning, because of this my lesson planning and delivery methods have become more flexible to meet the needs of the students.

What has been most rewarding about your experience in this program?

The experience enabled me to achieve substantial personal growth, to a level that I had previously not considered attainable. From the comprehensive construction of knowledge and academic ability within a collaborative and cohesive cohort, to increased awareness and understanding of socio-cultural influences in education; I am vastly richer from the experience.

I am excited about putting my recent education and research into practice in my automotive technology classroom. Having left the automotive field to become a teacher just 4 years ago and completing the PIDP and M.Ed. over the same time, I feel I am now at a starting point. Where my understanding of educational theory and practice compliments my subject matter expertise to better enable learning in the classroom. Beyond this initial goal, I hope to be able to provide input to future curriculum change in trades education in BC.

What was your research interest/concern for your comprehensive exam?

The focus of my comprehensive exam was an action research project on collaborative teaching and learning practices in trades training classrooms.

It was an immensely valuable exercise that will positively influence my practice for years to come.