Sherry Sinclair

"Celeste's genuine presence and encouraging attitude made it easy to absorb 'beyond the box' thinking."

Year Graduated: 2013
Program/Degree: C&I Health Education and Active Living MEd

My name is Sherry Sinclair.  I am happy to be enrolled in the MEd Health Education and Active Living (HEAL) program for many reasons: 1) as a woman who has raised her family 2) as a practitioner from the Family Resource Program field of family support 3) as an employee from a social services non-profit.  Born in Victoria BC, now living in the Fraser Valley, I enjoy holistic medicine and living, empowering people, laughing and dancing.  I am presenting a workshop in April at the Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs (FRP Canada) "Family Well Being" bi-annual conference in Gatineau Quebec based on our 2-year study, Applied Promising Practices. This study looks at Family Resource Program practitioners successfully delivering low intensity family support in a timely way using evidence-based, intentional relationship-building, and instrumental help giving practices.

What attracted you to come to SFU?

I was attracted to SFU via the Vancouver Community College (VCC) Provincial Instructor Diploma presentation that Geoff Madoc-Jones did, hosted by Bob Aitken. Geoff was his usual funny, demonstrative self and really sold me on the flexibility of this MEd degree. I was especially interested in the Health Education and Active Living program, but also intrigued by the Vygotsky-based one. My first introduction to SFU was through the Community Economic Development Certificate I completed at the SFU Harbor Centre campus in 2003.

Who is a faculty member that you enjoyed working with at SFU and why?

A faculty member that I have enjoyed working with at SFU is Celeste Snowber. Celeste's genuine presence and encouraging attitude made it easy to absorb 'beyond the box' thinking. Celeste embodies life and taught our cohort how to recognize, embrace and truly live our lives.  I am so grateful to have met Celeste and learn from her body wisdom.

What would you say to prospective students who are considering graduate school at SFU?

SFU is a forward-moving educational institution where you can find a fit for what you are thinking of.  The variety of campuses, flexible timetables, offer of being in a cohort and array of certificates, degrees and doctorates make SFU a great place to explore the next step in your life.