Matthew Kruger-Ross

"Stop your search: SFU is where you need to be."

Year Graduated: 2016
Program/DegreeEducational Theory and Practice: Philosophy of Education Stream PhD

I am an educator and life-long learner, tech dork, spiritual seeker, voracious reader and insatiable traveler.

Please tell us why you chose the Faculty of Education at SFU for your studies.

Three reasons: (1) it is the only program like it on this continent; (2) innovative and remarkable faculty members; and (3) the program website's introduction: "Philosophy is a radical practice. It is a way of being rooted in calling out and responding to the world."

Who is a faculty member you have enjoyed working with and why?

Stephen Smith and his background in phenomenology and pedagogy, inspires me to push the boundaries of my thinking and writing beyond where language can go.

What inspires you to learn and continue your education?

Discovering what's possible in human being, and teaching and learning.

What would you say to prospective students who are considering graduate school in the Faculty of Education?

Stop your search: SFU is where you need to be.

Is there anything else you wish to share?

Would love to share, talk with others who are interested!