Sarah Pask-Goodwin

"If you are looking for a rigorous and rewarding experience this is the place."

Year Graduated: 2011
Educational Leadership EdD

My name is Sarah Pask-Goodwin and I graduated from Simon Fraser University's Educational Leadership (Post-Secondary) Doctor of Education (EdD) program in 2011. I am passionate about finding ways to improve education systems and programs through active leadership to make positive change.  The doctoral process enabled me to further develop my understanding of post-secondary environments through the lenses of policy, governance, and funding mechanisms directly impacting my professional practice in my role as Director of Development for the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre.

What attracted you to come to SFU?

I was attracted to Simon Fraser University's EdD program as it provided for intensive structured learning combined with open self-directed research opportunities that enabled each student to explore their topic with the guidance and support of experienced educational researchers.  Further enriched by a cohort of dynamic post-secondary educational administrators, I was able to directly apply, discuss, challenge and explore ideas through analysis and debate helping to define my research interest and methods. 

Who is a faculty member that you enjoyed working with at SFU and why?

Dr. Milt McClaren was the faculty member I enjoyed working with most.  His range of experience combined with his pragmatic and direct approach provided me with the tools to move through bodies of knowledge related to indigenous knowledges, education, philosophy, tourism, and anthropology while staying focused on how to design, develop and implement my research in thoughtful and meaningful ways. 

What would you say to prospective students who are considering graduate school at SFU?

Pursuing graduate studies at Simon Fraser University is the best choice you will ever make.  If you are looking for a rigorous and rewarding experience this is the place. 

Thesis: Creating space for indigenous knowledges : Considerations for aboriginal cultural tourism education