Tom Roemer

"Every new theorem and statement becomes a potential contributor to one's own work”

Year Graduated: 2008
Educational Leadership EdD

Thesis Title: Standing at the Crossroads: Identity and Recognition of the Applied Science Technologist in British Columbia

According to Tom Roemer, obtaining a doctoral degree while in an administrative position implicitly suggests that one may be considering a more senior executive career. And so for Tom, the headhunters keep calling.

Tom is currently the Vice-President Strategic Development at Camosun College in Victoria, British Columbia. He enrolled in the Kamloops cohort in 2004 while the Associate Dean at Okanagan College of Science, Technology and Health. He graduated with his Educational Leadership Doctorate in 2008.

In retrospect, making the two hour trek at 6 a.m., on a pitch-black morning and on an icy road from his home town of Kelowna to attend classes in Kamloops every three weeks seemed like a chore at the time. However, now with his dissertation behind him, there are countless opportunities to consult, present, discuss and offer expertise in his area of study.

Tom also says that the writing process personally enhanced his ability to critique, and by using his acquired knowledge and understanding he was able to succinctly articulate his viewpoints. For instance, he recalls a situation drawing Pierre Bourdieu’s name out of a hat while discussing the Consecration of Elites in a Technological Society. “Now that was a very satisfying experience”, says Tom. This would not have happened without the EdD program.

Apparently once course work was done and regular contact with fellow students ceased, there still remained many unanswered questions, unchallenged ideas and unproven theories, because life and living happens, often pulling one back into the mundane and ordinary. But at least for Tom paraphrasing David Bowie, "We can be philosophers, just for one day ".

To those contemplating taking this program, Tom says that it is important to have a topic idea for one’s future research at the beginning of the program. By so doing, one is able to add value to the coursework as, "Every new theorem and statement becomes a potential contributor to one's own work”. He concludes that a lot of commitment is required to see this program to the end; but staggering as this might be, Tom assures that every moment of his EdD journey was well worth it!