Wendy Carr

"I started to know that I really did know what I was talking about and could back it up"

Year Graduated: 2007
Educational Leadership EdD

Thesis: Canada's Bilingualism Ideal: A Case Study of Intensive French in British Columbia.

Wendy is a teacher educator and coordinator in the Teacher Education Program at the University of British Columbia, the latter a position she had just taken on when she started the EdD program in July 2004. In fact, right after being accepted into the program, another leadership opportunity as a helping teacher in the Surrey School District also presented itself. Juggling these and a few other hats created a busy yet surprisingly integrated experience from the first course to crossing the stage in June 2007.

The program offered an expansion of worldview and a reaffirmation of what had been known on an instinctual or experiential level but hadn't been substantiated in any concrete or enduring way. "I started to know that I really did know what I was talking about and could back it up", says Wendy. Knowing her study focus from the beginning helped channel a lot of her work. It also helped to keep the end in sight most of the time. As extensive as the scope of work was -- and this was never more so than in the first course, Geoff Madoc-Jones' inspirational survey of historical and modern thought -- the program also represented an intensely personal, introspective experience. Her supportive partner and friends in the cohort helped to offset the malaise of marathon work sessions and celebrate the times when pieces fell into place and rushes of insight occurred.

Doors open as a result of the EdD program. For Wendy, these have been invitations to take on increased responsibilities at UBC as well as in other organizations. She still gives teacher in-service sessions across the country and works extensively with pre-service teachers, but she now also presents original research in print and in person. Among her publications since obtaining her EdD is  an article highlighting part of her thesis, co-authored in a French professional learning e-book. Wendy continues to look forward to finding other ways to make a difference in the field of literacy and language education.