Kristie Nielsen

"I heard positive things about the program from past students."

Year Completed: 2014
Program/Degree: Teachers as Leaders and Mentors GDE

My name is Kristie Nielsen. I teach grade 2/3 at Roy Stibbs Elementary in Coquitlam. I am finishing the last term of my GDE program. I am really passionate about Outdoor Education, which is why I chose to incorporate this in my field inquiry.

Please tell us how you first discovered your program.

From other teachers in the district.

Please tell us why you chose the Faculty of Education at SFU for your studies.

I heard positive things about the program from past students.

Is there anything else you wish to share?

For my field inquiry, I looked at how I can meet the curriculum outcomes in an outdoor setting. I worked collaboratively with another teacher at my school who is also interested in this topic. We spent a lot of time taking the students outdoors to learn and explore. We looked at different means of documenting their learning and then put these together to create a short video. We also created a role-play that the students practiced and presented at an assembly to explain what Outdoor Learning was to them. We sent the video in to the BC Green Games contest and won the "Viewer's Choice" award. With the money that we won, we are talking about building a shed on the school grounds to store tools for Outdoor Learning as well as purchasing some gardening supplies for the students to use next year.