Fatima Jalali-Tehrani

"My desire to make a positive change in my community, the society and the world inspires me to learn and continue my education."

Current Student
Languages, Cultures and Literacies, PhD

I am a bilingual language instructor and curriculum developer, coming from a multicultural background. In my research, I look into the relation of language acquisition and identity in multilingual communities. I also focus on the use of cognitive tools to better engage teachers and learners in a multicultural classroom. My goal is to help refugee and immigrant population to better define their new identity in the host culture through an effective language curriculum design.  

Please tell us how you first discovered your program.

I did my MEd program in Curriculum and Instruction at Simon Fraser University. The rich and engaging academic environment in the Faculty of Education at SFU encouraged me to look for more and further my research.

Who is a faculty member you have enjoyed working with and why?

Throughout my educational journey at SFU I have had the advantage of working with many great faculty members in Education. Dr. Gillian Judson has always been an inspiration for me, in her ways of thought, analysis and dedication to educational growth. I have also had an eye-opening experience studying under the Vygotskian scholar Dr. Natalia Gajdamaschko learning about the relations between language, thought and culture. Her class inspired me to continue my education in the LCL program. In my PhD program, I have enjoyed working with my pro-tem advisor, Dr. Huamei Han, not only for her kind support, but also because of her incredible ways of thinking and learning from her critical perspectives to educational issues

What inspires you to learn and continue your education?

My desire to make a positive change in my community, the society and the world. I also see myself evolve and grow as I continue to study and this growth inspires me to take further steps.