Annette Rouleau

That’s the best thing about SFU… I couldn’t pick just one faculty member.

Year Graduated: 2020
 Mathematics Education PhD

Year Graduated: 2014
Program/Degree: C&I Numeracy MEd

I currently have the good fortune to be studying for a doctorate in mathematics education under Dr. Peter Liljedahl.  Prior to that, I taught elementary school for ten years and have been a lead teacher in both technology and differentiated instruction. When I’m not studying and researching, you’ll find me delivering math workshops to teachers in the Vancouver area.

Please tell us how you first discovered your program.
My initial contact with the math education program at SFU was made through Dr. Peter Liljedahl. He was invited to my small northern Alberta community to deliver professional development sessions. The overwhelming interest in his work led to SFU offering a Master’s in Numeracy for educators in our districts, which I completed in 2014. Transformed by the experience, it was without hesitation that I accepted the opportunity to continue on with a PhD in Mathematics Education.

Who is a faculty member you have enjoyed working with and why?
That’s the best thing about SFU… I couldn’t pick just one faculty member.  I have had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Rina Zazkis, Dr. Nathalie Sinclair, Dr. David Pimm, and Dr. Peter Liljedahl.  Their collective strengths are numerous and varied—making for amazing learning experiences.

What inspires you to learn and continue your education?
Curiosity and a love of learning, combined with a desire to better understand the teaching and learning process, are what compel me to keep learning.