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3 Minute Thesis Faculty of Education Heat Winners 2022

April 01, 2022

The Faculty of Education, Graduate Studies is pleased to announce the results of the 2022 Three Minute Thesis competition. Five compelling thesis presentations were showcased during the Faculty of Education heat of the 3 Minute Thesis Competition.

The Faculty of Education judging panel, Dr. Becky Cox, Dr. Sean Chorney, and Dr. Kevin O'Neill, had the unenviable job of ranking the competitors on a set of fixed criteria. The audience members were tasked on selecting their favourite competitor as well for the People's Choice winner.

Qinghua Chen and Chris Kerslake will be completing on behalf of the Faculty in the 3MT SFU Final taking place virtually on April 6! 

First Place Winner: Qinghua Chen
Program: PhD, Languages, Cultures & Literacies
Supervisor: Dr. Angel Lin

Topic: How am I feeling angry in political discussion? An exploration of subjectivity

Runner-Up: Chris Kerslake
Program: MA, Educational Technology & Learning Design
Supervisor: Dr. Kevin O'Neill

Topic: The code is lava: Improving children's debugging skills with explicit instruction

People's Choice: Megan Friesen
Program: MA, Arts Education
Supervisor: Dr. Lynn Fels 

Topic: Beyond Dance-less Classrooms: Crafting Embodied Pedagogy for Public Elementary School

We would also like to congratulate and acknowledge the rest of the competitors for their impressive presentations as well.

Competitor: Nia Pazoki
Program: MA, Educational Psychology
Supervisor: Dr. Robert Williamson

Topic: Exploring the Lived Experiences and Factors Shaping Identity of an Unaccompanied and Undocumented Afghan Refugee Living in Iran

Competitor: Carolina Bergonzoni
Program: PhD, Arts Education
Supervisor: Dr. Celeste Snowber

Topic: The body. A ravine of in-betweens

Competitor: Anjeanette Dawson
Program: MEd, Educational Practice
Supervisor: Dr. Vicki Kelly

Topic: Education of My Ancestors

Competitor: Sri Balaji
Program: PhD, Mathematics Education
Supervisor: Dr. Sean Chorney

Topic: Kreative Education - To Know Onself