Dr. Alanaise Ferguson receives Distinguished SFU Professor designation

July 26, 2022

Congratulations to Dr. Alanaise Ferguson, who along with eight of Simon Fraser University’s leading academic scholars, have been honoured with the prestigious title of Distinguished SFU Professor. This designation recognizes Dr. Ferguson's work as one of the very few Indigenous registered psychologists in British Columbia. 

Dr. Ferguson produces work considered meaningful to psychological practice in the areas of identity reclamation, collective healing and restitution from damaging colonial processes including Indian Residential schools. Her work has attracted the attention of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, The National Parole Board of Canada, and the National Headstart Association of Canada.

The Distinguished SFU Professor title comes with a special requirement for members to share their work with the public through events such as lectures, panels and presentations. This recognition not only spotlights the contribution they have made to their fields in the past, but also helps them magnify that impact through public engagement and student and faculty mentorship.

Learn more about Dr. Ferguson by visiting her faculty profile and learn more about the Distinguished SFU Professor program.