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The Tacoma News Tribune reviews Learning in Depth book

November 09, 2010

Kate Julian, deputy editor of the Washington Post's Outlook section, examines Dr. Kieran Egan's new book, Learning in Depth, in an article in The News Tribune

"Into the rancorous wars over school reform steps Kieran Egan, who wants to make students experts on beetles. Or tea. Or dust.

His idea goes like this: Assign each student a single, specific topic, which he or she will study over and over again, from every possible angle, from early elementary school through high school. Egan, a professor of education at Canada’s Simon Fraser University, hopes that by the time students finish high school, they will be world-class experts on their topics as well as more effective citizens and better people.

'People who know nothing in depth commonly assume that their opinions are the same kind of thing as knowledge,' Egan writes in Learning In Depth: A Simple Innovation That Can Transform Schooling, which will be available in January. He also contends that 'a central feature of becoming a moral person is to learn to become engaged with something outside the self.'"