Dr. Kieran Egan receives a 2011 Upton Sinclair Award

December 19, 2011

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Kieran Egan for his 2011 Upton Sinclair Award.

The Upton Sinclair Awards is an innovative search for the heroes of American education. The focus is always about who is doing what for the children and youth of America and around the world. These awards have honoured education authors, doctors and athletes, reading czars, media stars and more, all of who have contributed to children in some significant way.

The Upton Sinclair Awards regard Kieran Egan as "an 'unsung hero' who is doing a gargantuan amount of work in terms of books, projects, and other endeavors. Mr Sinclair was an unsung hero too. Welcome to his club, Mr Egan! Kieran is involved in Learning in Depth, Imaginative Education Research Group, Whole School Projects, and Dividing the School in Two.

His books include: Learning in Depth, The Future of Education: Reimagining the School from the Ground Up, Teaching and Learning Outside the Box, Teaching Literacy: Engaging the Imagination of New Readers and Writers, An Imaginative Approach to Teaching, Getting it Wrong from the Beginning, The Educated Mind: How Cognitive Tools Shape Our Understanding, Children’s Minds, Talking Rabbits and Clockwork Oranges, Teaching as Story Telling, Imagination in Teaching and Learning, Romantic Understanding, Educational Development, The Tudor Peace, and Education and Psychology.

From his home page, I take the following 'I am primarily interested in education. My work focuses on a new educational theory and its implications for a changed curriculum, teaching practices and the institution of the school.' Upton would concur that Mr. Egan’s work is a must!"

Other notable recipients of this year's award include Sir Kenneth Robinson and Pasi Sahlberg.

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