Kieran Egan Receives Outstanding Book Award from AACTE

February 21, 2011

Dr. Kieran Egan has been recognized with a 2011 Outstanding Book Award from the American Association of Colleges for Teachers Education (AACTE) for his book, The Future of Education: Re-imagining Our Schools from the Ground Up. The AACTE award recognizes exemplary books that make a significant contribution to the knowledge base of teacher education or of teaching and learning with implications for teacher education.

"'In this important book, Dr. Egan manages to offer the field of teacher education a bold, fresh and penetrating examination of the purposes of schooling and the way we go about education in contemporary society,' said Jennie Whitcomb, associate dean of teacher education at the University of Colorado at Boulder and chair of AACTE's Committee on Research and Dissemination, which reviewed submissions for the award. 'With both humor and seriousness, Egan exposes the contradictions that lie at the heart of the visions of education that have animated reformers during the past century.'

'Furthermore, at a time when various camps and their champions are aligned in seemingly endless strife over the appropriate solution to the challenges our educational system confronts, Egan presents an original and provocative argument that opens the door to a truly alternative framing for how the future of education might unfold,' Whitcomb continued. 'Whether or not you fully agree with Egan's analyses and prescriptions, reading his book leads you to rethink and rediscover the importance and power of education and of what the experience of schooling can be, and mean, in transforming the lives of both teachers and students.'"

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