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Learning in classrooms require emotional engagement

January 11, 2011

According to an article in The Guardian teachers are creating their own materials in search of motivating content for teens. The article also names SFU Education professor Dr. Kieran Egan as one who offers "fascinating insights that lead to fundamentally different understanding of the teenage world and an alternative model of teaching teens" in his book, Romantic Understanding.

"According to those insights, teens – as cool as they may seem on the surface – often feel, deep down, threatened by the world. One reason for their insecurity is caused by the fact that they ask themselves questions that are of an existentially threatening nature, because teens cannot find any answers to them: Will I be successful in life? Will I be able to find a good job and earn good money one day? When will my parents die? When will I die? What happens when I do? Who will miss me when I die? etc."

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