Susan O'Neill advocates for art in education

July 14, 2011

The Langley Times recently spoke with Dr. Susan O'Neill about her research project: Arts Matters.

"The end-of-the-school-year summit of student artists and student teachers was part of RYME (Research for Youth, Music and Education), an SFU research project called Arts Matters.

The students were asked to research why the arts mattered to them, and prepare works of art to express their feelings.

The RYME project was created by Dr. Susan O’Neill, an associate professor at SFU who is researching way to involve young people more in music and the arts.

She hopes to get more schools involved in RYME, including those that don’t have arts programs.

If music and the arts are to thrive, O’Neill said, young people must be encouraged to get involved, even if they aren’t going to be artists themselves."

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