Enticing children to read by raising their curiosity

March 08, 2011

Meet Christine Thompson a Master of Education student in her second semester, aelementary school teacher and a lifelong learner. When she was asked about the unique methods she used to entice her students to read, she laughs and says that there is always a new and interesting way of enticing her students—especially when it comes to reading.

One of her many methods is using her love and knowledge of horses to engage her students. Since the age of 5, Christine had competed at all levels of horseback riding. In addition to being a special needs assistant for horseback riding, she currently rides all over the Lower Mainland for horse training and competitions. By using her extensive knowledge of horses, she brings tangible items like a saddle into the classroom to raise her students' curiousity. When students ask her about the items, Christine encourages them to find the answer in books. She probes their curiousity further by asking her students other questions to get them to think on their own to find the answer.

Christine is loving the MEd program and wishes she had more time to do the program in addition to juggling her busy life schedule. She appreciates the freethinking method in the program, which allows students to make their own decisions regarding their studies and interests.

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