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David Suzuki applauds environmental school project currently being studied by SFU researchers

September 29, 2011

The Maple Ridge Environmental School Project currently being studied by SFU Education researchers made headlines again. Several media outlets including the Huffington Post Canada and the Epoch Times picked up the column written by David Suzuki. In the article, David applauds the project and states, “These young students and the people who had the foresight to get the school running have lessons for all of us.”

"It's a really great idea that I hope many more school districts will adopt. As a child, much of my education and inspiration came from outings to go camping and fishing with my dad in B.C. and later on from exploring swamps near our home in London, Ontario. My parents were never upset when I returned home soaking wet and covered in mud, carrying jars of insects and salamander eggs. That led me to an interest in science and then studies and a career in genetics, focusing on the fruit fly."

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