Recap: Working Compassion Symposium

April 10, 2012

Working Compassion gathered scholars, researchers and practitioners working in the domain of compassion, related moral consciousness and action together for a one-day academic symposium. The keynote address came from Karen Armstrong, one of the most provocative thinkers on the role of religion in the modern world, and was followed by a Witnessing Panel comprised of Susan Montabello, Bruce Sanguine, Vicki Kelly and Daniel Vokey. The day also consisted of contemplative moments, small group sessions, work group dialogue and closing reflections.

We are happy to share not only our photo gallery of the event, but also video of the keynote address and the witnessing panel. Also, make sure to check out Mapping Karen Armstrong by artist Avril Orloff. Enjoy!

Working Compassion 2012 Keynote Address from SFU Education on

Working Compassion 2012 - Panel Speakers from SFU Education on Vimeo.