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PhD student and Philosopher's Cafe moderator discusses religion in schools

February 03, 2012

Burnaby Now talked with Jason Carreiro, PhD student in the Faculty of Education and host of the February 8th SFU Philosopher's Café discussion on whether religion should be taught in schools.

“I think there are more things to the human experience than strictly scientific discourses can handle, and that's why not only religion, but literature, philosophy, gender and race studies, multicultural education, music and the arts in general need more funding and a stronger presence in our society.” Full story.

In addition to Jason, two professors from the Faculty of Education will act as moderators for other Philosophers' Cafe discussions throughout the Spring 2012 term.

Dr. Kumari Beck will moderate the discussions at the Langley Philosophers’ Café. She is a resident of Fort Langley and teaches about culture, difference and social and global issues through themes of social justice in the Faculty of Education.

Dr. Heesoon Bai, the moderator for the Vancouver Philosophers’ Café, is a professor in philosophy of education at SFU.

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