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Dean Kris Magnusson comments on new teachers' disciplinary agency

January 06, 2012

SFU’s Kris Magnusson was in a Victoria Times Colonist story on the Teacher Regulation Branch, the new B.C. government agency responsible for investigating complaints against teachers and meting out discipline. It replaces the former B.C. College of Teachers, which had come under fire for its lack of independence from the B.C. Teachers' Federation.

“Kris Magnusson, dean of education at Simon Fraser University, said it remains to be seen how well the new system works. But he said it eliminates any appearance of unfairness that existed when teachers' union members dominated the college council.

"‘I'm not saying the old way wouldn't be fair or couldn't be fair, but it could be perceived as such,’ he said.

"‘Now, when there's not a balance of power held by a particular group, I think it removes that potential for the perception that things could have been unfair.’"
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