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Ontario education changes unlikely to happen in BC says dean Kris Magnusson

June 07, 2013

Education deans in B.C. are watching with interest the changes announced Wednesday [June 5] to teacher education programs in Ontario. But in a Vancouver Sun article SFU education dean Kris Magnusson said B.C. is unlikely to follow suit because teacher training in this province is different from that in Ontario.

"'I'd be surprised if there is a specific agenda to make some changes (in B.C.) but I think there's a will to explore that supply-demand equation.'

One reason for the glut of teachers in B.C. is the growth in teacher education programs. A decade ago there were four but now there are nine, following a Liberal government decision in 2008 to transform five colleges into universities to improve access around the province.

Magnusson described it as an honourable agenda with unintended consequences.

Nevertheless, he said teachers willing to travel will still find opportunities. Last year, after Abbott's comment about the over-supply, Magnusson said he received a call from a Quebec school district interested in hiring 100 English-speaking teachers and another from a Chinese education service offering to take every unemployed teacher in the province."

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