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Teacher Education for the 21st Century (TEF21) report highlighted in op-ed

March 27, 2013

A report written by the Faculty of Education's Task Force on Teacher Education for the 21st Century (TEF21) was referenced in a Vancouver Sun op-ed by former superintendent Geoff Johnson.

"Today’s kids are awash in a computerized technology that does not distinguish information and knowledge. So it will be up to their teachers to help them distinguish gold from dross.

This raises the question about how the next cohort of teachers are being prepared to meet this challenge, which makes a recent Simon Fraser University report all the more interesting.

Authored by The Task Force on Teacher Education for the 21st Century (TEF21), the SFU report is directed at creating an updated vision of teacher education in British Columbia.

The challenge for planners and policy-makers, say the authors, is to move their thinking beyond immediate issues and current realities; anticipate change and look around the corner.

The report cannot be easily summarized but suggests teacher education, along with the job itself, need to become more sophisticated and more demanding."

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