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"The whole point of music is emotion" - Yaroslav Senyshyn

January 30, 2014

A world renown classical musician and philosopher, SFU Faculty of Education professor Yaroslav Senyshyn speaks to Fanfare Magazine about the forthcoming of his early-childhood musical instincts and how those experiences link to his fascination with philosophy in his adult years.

"Life is a mystery, but there are those among us whose intellects compel them to attempt a reasoned explanation of the inexplicable: we call them philosophers, and Yaroslav Senyshyn’s analytical prowess places him firmly in their company. That he’s also a fine musician—by definition someone who attempts to transmit the ineffable through evanescent sound—is what inspired this interview. As his recordings reveal, being a professor of aesthetic and moral philosophy at Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Education doesn’t preclude having the ability to play the piano with insight, idiomatic sensitivity, and power, even though music’s greater meaning may forever place it beyond philosophy’s purview. Unsurprisingly, Slava’s musical instincts asserted themselves long before his adult fascination with philosophy, so we began our conversation with some reminiscences of those early years. "

Read the full interview here.