Faculty of Education honours 3 faculty and staff members

January 02, 2014

Every year, the Faculty of Education awards three faculty and staff members for outstanding work done and contributions made to the Faculty. The 2013 recipients are:

2013 Award for Excellence in Scholarly Teaching

This award recognizes and showcases excellence in scholarly teaching among faculty members, faculty associates and instructors in the Faculty.

The award recipient’s excellence in scholarly teaching is demonstrated through a letter of nomination, student evaluations and a teaching portfolio including examples.

The winner of this year’s award is Dr. Natalia Gajdamaschko. She started working in the Faculty in 1999 and became a continuing Senior Lecturer in 2010. Professor Gajdamaschko is a Vygotskian psychologist who trained in Moscow, Russia.

The nomination letter indicated, “Dr. Gajdamaschko is consistently described by her students, both graduate and undergraduate, as an exceptionally outstanding teacher.”

2013 Award for Excellence in the Supervision of a Graduate Student Thesis

This award recognizes and showcases excellence in graduate student supervision among tenure-track faculty members in the Faculty of Education.

The award recipient’s excellence in graduate supervision is demonstrated by a letter of nomination that includes a description of the supervisor’s contribution to an outstanding graduate student thesis, a copy of the student’s thesis and supporting documents, and external scholarly recognition of the student’s excellence.

The winner of this year’s award is Dr. Danièle Moore, for her supervision of the Faculty’s first double PhD degree recipient, Noëlle Mathis.

Noëlle’s thesis will be the first cotutelle (dual-awarded PhD degree) from the Faculty of Education at SFU with the Universite d’Avignon. This dual-awarded PhD is a joint doctoral supervision agreement through which a student pursues doctoral studies through two universities, satisfying each institution’s admission and degree requirements.

Dr. Moore collaborated with the General Consulate of France and the SFU Dean of Graduate studies and helped design the cotutelle agreement that now serves as the template for future cotutelles. She also secured funding from the French Consulate so that Noëlle was able to spend three semesters at SFU and travel between the two countries to attend her courses and meet with her committee.

2013 Jack Paterson Award

This award recognizes an SFU staff member who has provided exemplary service to the Faculty over the course of many years.

Jack Paterson worked tirelessly to develop a revered Professional Development Program for prospective teachers. This year’s award recipient has provided service above and beyond what is expected in the Undergraduate Program, as well as helped build a positive work environment within the Faculty.

The winner of this year’s award is Shelley Porter. Shelley has provided years of exceptional services as the manager for Undergraduate Programs in the Faculty of Education. Her ability to develop good working relationships with the Directors and staff from the Program makes her an exemplary member of the Faculty. She also plans and manages the several programs and courses seamlessly, as well advises her Director on complex matters with good judgment and tact.

Shelley’s humour, positive standing among staff and faculty members and diligent work ethic make her an invaluable member of the community.