Student resources and support

September 16, 2014

There's more to university than attending classes and submitting assignments. Sometimes life gets tricky. Simon Fraser University offers you a range of student resources and support when experiencing hardship during your studies.

All Students

Emergency Loan Fund

Undergraduate Students:

Graduate Students:

Food Access and Education


Quest Food Exchange through the SFPIRG

The Simon Fraser Public Interest Group (SFPIRG) has partnered with Quest in order to help support people facing financial hardship to access affordable, healthy food. If you are struggling to afford groceries, drop by SFPIRG and talk to a staff member about referring you.

More information:

SFU Student Services Health and Counselling Services

SFU Student Services' Health and Counselling Services offers a variety of in-person and online health and wellness resources. As an SFU student, you are eligible to receive these services.

For more information call the office at 778 778-782-4615 or visit the website:

TIP: Use the online interactive 'Wellness Wheel' to determine what areas in your life are balanced and what areas need extra care:

Undergraduate Students

The SFU Student Society runs the Emergency Food Bank Certificate program for current undergraduate students. Certificates can be used at the Nesters Market located at University High Street (past Cornerstone).

More information and online application here:

Graduate Students

The SFU Graduate Student Society (GSS) serves, advocates and promote the academic, social, and professional interests of graduate students at SFU. The Emergency Grocery Card Program was established by the GSS provides temporary assistance in the form of grocery cards to graduate students in urgent financial need.

More information and application forms here: