Sense of Place: Cognitive Productivity with Dr. Luc Beaudoin

December 01, 2015

Digesting information while simultaneously finding a comfortable sense of place in our mind is something many of us struggle with in today’s information rich society.

Dr. Luc Beaudoin, a cognitive scientist and adjunct professor with the Faculty of Education, recently participated in an interview on Roundhouse Radio 98.3 FM to speak about his updated book, Cognitive Productivity: Using Knowledge to Become Profoundly Effective. According to Beaudoin, the mind processes information and uses technology to understand problems and address issues while further investigating how individuals “fall into a pattern of interacting with information and how patterns are basically influenced by biases.”

The book also examines the Cognitive Productivity Theory, which explains that people need to “understand and capitalize on how motivation, emotion, attitudes and moods determine how our brain uses technology and learning theories to process large amounts of information.”

In the interview, Beaudoin discussed key tips to help our brain process information more productively. Organization, constant reevaluation of information, taking an active step to understand information, and engaging in the practice of practicing the information are all methods to achieve cognitive productivity.

With years devoted to studying the constant evolution of the information highway—a combination of the Internet, information technology, and information overload—Beaudoin believes his book will be beneficial to anyone who wants to use information not only for entertainment purposes but for the application of systematically processing information to ultimately improve and enrich their lives.

The radio interview was broadcasted by Roundhouse Radio 98.3 FM on Tuesday, November 24.

Listen to the interview.