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Learning in Depth featured in the Globe and Mail

July 30, 2015

Learning in Depth, a program created by Dr. Kieran Egan, Director of the Imaginative Education Research Group and Professor in the Faculty of Education, was featured in the Globe and Mail's Do Make Say Think weekly summer series.

Learning in Depth aims to engage students’ imaginations and emotions by allowing them to spend their elementary and secondary school years focusing in-depth on one topic of the students’ choosing.

"'After three or four or five years, the portfolios these kids put together is unlike anything that any child has ever done in the history of schooling,' Dr. Egan said. 'Nobody has worked this intensively and extensively on something that then becomes a passionate interest to them.'

Internal research has foundthat, by the third or fourth year, students in the LiD program showed a “transfer effect,” bringing enthusiasm to other subjects, Dr. Egan said."

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