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Education's Learning Hub a healthy campus champion

February 01, 2016

Each year, the SFU community nominates individuals, groups, and programs leading initiatives that positively impact the health of the campus community.

This year, we're proud to announce that the SFU Health Promotion Team recognized the Faculty of Education's Learning Hub, along with SFU Dining Services, for their contribution as Healthy Campus Champions

"We're very proud to be recognized as a champion for a healthy campus community," says Kris Magnusson, dean of the Faculty of Education. "One of our rules for fostering a healthy campus community is to find ways to connect people with each other and with the main purpose of the University, which is learning." 

The Learning Hub has undergone significant changes to do just that. Stripped of its original configuration as a classroom built 50 years ago, the area is now a space for social lounging as well as independent and collaborative work, and includes two technology-infused classrooms.

"In many ways, the physical transformation of the old space is symbolic of the transformations taking place in educational practice today," Dr. Magnusson continues. "How we integrate technology and how we imagine the use of space are at the forefront of educational innovation."

Read about the award and about both winners here: SFU Dining Services and the Learning Hub are your healthy campus champions