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M.Ed. TEAL-F celebrates 10th Anniversary

February 02, 2016

On December 10, 2015, the Teaching English as an Additional Langauge (TEAL) M.Ed. Program celebrated its 10th Anniversary and the Graduation Ceremony of its cohort 10 students. Over 60 guests attended, including program alumni, students, faculty, and faculty executives.

The event was also an opportunity for those involved in the program for the past decade to reunite and discuss the program. Dr. Sepideh Fotovatian, the program's director, highlighted the program's core values, structure, vision, and capacity for creating contexts for research and community engagement. There was retrospection into the program’s history and development in the past decade, acknowledgment of past and present faculty involved in the program, and celebration of students and alumni achievements, and past and present research by faculty and students on the program.

Other highlights include the opening speech by Dr. Robin Brayne, Director of Graduate Programs as well as the speech by distinguished UBC scholar and professor Bonny Norton.