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Grad degree in education for more than K–12 classrooms

January 27, 2016

Don’t be fooled by program names, an article in the Vancouver Observer stated yesterday about some of the Faculty of Education's M.Ed. and MA programs. While some, such as the new Educational Leadership, K–12, Restarting Relationships: Educational Leadership in Challenging Times M.Ed., might not seem applicable outside of the K-12 system, they often cover topics like negotiation skills, labour relations, human resources management, organizational theory, and research methods - topics useful in a wide range of situations and careers.

There's a variety of such applications, from Educational Programming Coordinators working at a non-profit organizations, to teachers turned researchers, and even Registered Massage therapists.

"Education means more than simply teaching. [...] Education takes place within businesses, communities, organizations and industries on a daily basis. Improving these skills in your field of expertise can open doors within that field or help you prepare for a career change."