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2016 CASDW Dissertation Award Winner: Dr. Joel Heng Hartse

June 28, 2016

Earlier this month, Dr. Joel Heng Hartse, Lecturer in the Faculty of Education, received the 2016 Joan Pavelich CASDW Annual Award for the Best Dissertation in Writing and Discourse Studies for his dissertation, Acceptability and Authority in Chinese and Non-Chinese English Language Teachers’ Judgments of Language Use in English Writing by Chinese University Students (UBC, Language and Literacy Education, 2015).

Dr. Heng Hartse also recently became the co-editor of the Canadian Journal for Studies in Discourse and Writing/ Rédactologie. Learn more about the journal, his role and plans for revitalizing and showcasing important scholarly research that has been done on writing and discourse in academic and non-academic settings:

I recently became co-editor (with Sibo Chen, PhD student in the School of Communication at SFU) of the Canadian Journal for Studies in Discourse and Writing/Rédactologie (formerly Technostyle), which is the preeminent journal of writing studies in Canada.

The journal has been in publication by the Canadian Association for the Study of Discourse and Writing since 1982, and features articles relating to current research on the teaching, practice, and research of writing and discourse (in both academic and non-academic settings) from a variety of scholarly approaches. It includes the work of scholars from traditions such as writing studies, rhetorical theory, discourse analysis, applied linguistics, and related fields.

What the journal is and will continue to be is a venue that facilitates and provokes conversation and community about writing in its broadest sense. Sartre once wrote, "What is writing? Why does one write? For whom? The fact is, it seems that nobody has ever asked himself these questions.” CJSDW/R is a publication for people who do ask these questions, and other important questions about writing in numerous social and academic contexts, from the university classroom to the workplace and beyond, and take a variety of approaches to attempting to answer them.

I also received a Scholarly Digitization Grant from the SFU Library to fully digitize the archives of the journal, which became an open access publication in 2011. Our digitization of the journal's back issues will draw attention to decades of important work that has been done by scholars of writing and discourse in Canada and aid in revitalizing the journal. 

We will also be moving the journal to an "article-based" publishing format, allowing us to publish articles as they are accepted. The first issue edited by the new editorial team at SFU will being publishing articles in the fall of 2016 and will feature a special section about the future of writing centres in Canada.

Dr. Joel Heng Hartse

About Dr. Hartse

Dr. Joel Heng Hartse is a Lecturer in the SFU Faculty of Education, teaching Foundations of Academic Literacy, and works with the SFU Centre for English Language Learning, Teaching and Research to collaborate with various departments across the university in supporting multilingual students’ academic English and disciplinary literacy knowledge.

About the CASDW Award:

Joan Pavelich CASDW Annual Award for the Best Dissertation in Writing and Discourse Studies