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Denean Lederer receives 2018 Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence: Certificate of Achievement

June 08, 2018

Written by Allen M. Quinn

Education alumnus and Coquitlam elementary school teacher Denean Lederer has received the 2018 Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence: Certificate of Achievement. The award is given annually to elementary and secondary school teachers in all disciplines for their remarkable achievements in education and for their commitment to preparing their students for a digital and innovation-based economy.

Lederer teaches, learns, and leads at Baker Drive Elementary, in Coquitlam, British Columbia where she has taught kindergarten and grade one for the past 7 years. In addition, Lederer completed her Master’s Degree in Education at Simon Fraser University in 2013 through Community Programs and recently completed her Graduate Diploma in Restorative Justice through Field Programs.

Dr. Cher Hill recognized and nominated Lederer for this honour. "We are beyond thrilled that she was selected to receive Certificate of Achievement for the 2018 Prime Minister’s Award (PMA) for Teaching Excellence. She has taught all my three children and I know her to be an exceptional teacher, which is why I wanted to nominate her for this award," says Hill.   

Hill continues, "Ms. Lederer does not only prepare children for life, she and her students live life along a path of inquiry, curiosity and excellence. She models for her students what it means to be a lifelong learner, enrolling in a graduate diploma program and participating in district pro D learning opportunities, even after the competition of her Master’s degree."

Learn more about Lederer's achievement and teaching approach here.