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Donalda Meyers and Devi Pabla receive 2017 Staff Achievement Awards

September 18, 2021

Original article via SFU News

SFU's annual Staff Achievement Awards honoured SFU staff including Devi Pabla and Donalda Meyers from the Education Faculty, for their exceptional personal and work-related accomplishments at an awards dinner on Feb. 27, 2018.  

Donalda Meyers
Director of Special Projects

Known as someone who “gets things done,” longtime staffer Donalda Meyers, director of special projects in the Faculty of Education, has been recognized with the 2017 Staff Achievement Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Meyers joined SFU in 1981 and has worked in the education faculty since 1990, where she has devoted her long and distinguished career to providing support, service and leadership in a number of different roles. Her keen work ethic and thorough knowledge of SFU operations have led to several secondments to other faculties or departments where she has embraced challenges with her customary vigor and goodwill.  Most recently, she has overseen a $25-million renovation to the Faculty of Education building.

“She shows up for work every day and inspires those of us lucky enough to be around her,” says a nominator. “She makes everyone around her better, with a sunny disposition and the wisdom of someone who knows and cares deeply about service to SFU.”

Devi Pabla

For the past 35 years, secretary Devi Pabla has been “the welcoming, caring, hard-working face” of the Faculty of Education, where she has carried out her duties “quietly and diligently” behind the scenes to ensure faculty and staff excel in their work.

As well, says a nominator, Pabla’s “continuous devotion to students” makes her richly deserving of the 2017 Staff Achievement Award for Student Service.

“Devi never just does her job. She always does her best job,” says a nominator. “This takes concentration, patience, skill, caring and an attitude of pride and concern.”

Faculty, staff and students also appreciate Pabla’s caring support and listening skills.

“You always leave Devi feeling good. She spreads her happy dust about her like the blue fairy in children’s stories.”

Says another nominator, “I believe she is one of those admirable individuals in SFU’s grassroots community who sustain and better the community’s practice, value, reputation, and lives of the people.”