Call for Nominations

Nominations for the Faculty of Education’s Faculty and Staff Awards for 2019 are now open. Please help us to recognize the exceptional work and significant achievements by our staff and faculty. Nominations can be made by faculty members, staff members, and students.

This year we are pleased to announce there there will be two additional awards: the Team Building Award, open to both staff and faculty members, and the Distinguished Contributions to Scholarship in Education award, for faculty.

Nominations are also invited for staff for the Dean of Education Distinguished Service Awards in two categories: Work Performance Award and Achievement Award for Innovation/Special Project. A nomination can be made for an individual or a group in either one of the categories. Please note: If you have two different nominees in mind for the two different categories, please submit a nomination for each nominee.  

For faculty, nominations are invited for three awards: Excellence in Scholarly Teaching, Excellence in the Supervision of a Graduate Student Thesis, and Distinguished Contributions to Scholarship in Education.

The Community Engagement Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Team Building award are open to both staff and faculty.  

Details and instructions for nominations can be found by clicking on the links below. For each nomination, we ask the nominator to list the names of two other faculty, staff, or students who have agreed to support the nomination.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Ad Hoc Nominations and Awards Committee. Winners will be announced at the Faculty’s Festive Lunch in December.


  • Work Performance Award
    This award recognizes exceptional performance that is consistently above and beyond the call of duty, and also recognizes efficiency and professionalism in serving faculty or students.
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  • Achievement Award for Innovation/Special Project
    This award recognizes the successful completion of a complex project that makes a significant contribution to the operation of the Faculty of Education. It also recognizes originality in developing and implementing methods and procedures for the betterment of the Faculty.
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Staff and Faculty

  • Team Building Award
    Established in the fall of 2019, this award is offered to recognize a staff or faculty member who demonstrates great effort to boost camaraderie amongst their colleagues by working to creat a sense of community, collegiality, unity, and fun.
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For more information or questions, please contact:
Office of the Associate Dean
Academic & Faculty Development
By Friday, November 15, 2019